The "Jeans Kit" (1974)

     In September 1973, The special edition Jeans (S761 edition) has had a big commercial success everywhere in Europe. Jeans beetles were popular cars, and Volkswagen proposed in middle of year 74, a kit that allowed all owners of beetle, to make a Jeans look their autos. This package, sold in the concessions, was called "Jeans Kit". 

Leaflet of the Jeans Kit

Jeans Kit was composed of seats slipcovers, of a pommel of gearshift, of hubcaps, of mudflaps, of a set of stickers similar to the original set. Note the cap and the Jean's cloth badge supplied with the kit.


The Jeans Kit in detail:

Seats covers:

The slipcovers, made by Votex (that produces again today, accessories for Volkswagen) cover the front and rear seats . The sewings take the same drawing that the seats of the original Jeans beetle but the pocket behind the backrest and the chrome buttons are here absent. These slipcovers clung on the armature of the seat with the help of rubber bands and hooks


The hubcaps are in hard plastic matter and have the same measurements and shapes that a standard hubcap. They set by pressure on the wheel. "Jeans" monogram is embossed. 

Gearshift lever pommel:

The gearshift lever pommel is in soft plastic, imitating a pommel made of stuffed leather. Jeans logo is affixed on the superior part


The rear mudflaps in thick and flexible plastic are manufactured by Wegu (that manufactures again, him also,  mudflaps and carpets, plastic product among others). monogram Jeans and the strips recalling those affixed on the bodywork are printed in white.


The kit of stickers is composed of the lateral strips, of 2 Jeans logo to put on the rear and front hoods, and to finish, a set of "sewings" to put from the front hood to the rear hood, passing by the roof and the flanks. One explanatory note was provided with the stickers .

A second series appears to have been produced with a new assembly instructions and pre-cut seams, numbered and adjusted to the Cox's lines.

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Cap and the Jean's cloth badge:

The cap and the Jean's cloth badge supplied with the kit.

I didn't find any information about the diffusion of this kit. It has probably been sold in the countries where Jeans beetles were proposed in concession. I also think that the elements that compose it could be sold separately. 

we can note a light difference between the letter A on the Jeans original logo and the logo of Jeans kit. 

On the left, the original Jeans logo. On the right, the logo of the Jeans kit.

Ads and brochures

"Jeans Kit" dealer poster (Belgium. Size 60x40cm)


The Belgian advertisement of "Jeans Kit"


The german advertisement of "Jeans Kit"


Presentation of the Jeans Kit in a Dutch magazine. Here is the translation:

since the enormous succes of the previous Jeans version of the Vokswagen Bug, there has been launched a second action round this type of bug. the new action isn't limited however to the Jeans only... thanks to a special Pack even every bug can be transformed into a Jeans!
as already said, this kit 1974 is not just for jeans beetles in restauration or newer bugs, but also for used bugs. this package - the so called Jeans Kit- contains the seat covers (front and back) in special Jeans fabricate, the Jeans gear shifter, Jeans wheelcaps, Jeans mudflaps, and the Jeans stickers for the flanks and the engine hood. (Thank you at Michiel Debu that translate this article)


Here is a 1303 Beetle equipped with the Jeans Kit. This picture was taken from the factory parking and the beetle has a registration reserved for internal use in the factory.
(photo Paul Harris, published)


A Jeans kit relic !

I hear to speak regularly, by e-mail or in VW meetings, of 74's Jeans beetles in blue or green colors. In spite of my research and the call passed on the site, I didn't find no indication or information confirming their existence (what doesn't mean that they didn't exist !). I think that these Jeans beetles in unusual colors were beetles equipped of a Jeans kit. What can explain that some people affirm, without lies, to have seen green or blue Jeans beetles.

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