The collectors, or everything that concern Jeans beetles. Don't hesitate to enrich this page with your finds !


Mebetoys-Mattel 1/43

Mebetoys-Mattel 1/43

Mebetoys-Mattel 1/43

Eagle Race / Universal Hobbies 1/43

Eagle Race / Universal Hobbies 1/43 "Jeans Prototype"

PlayArt indeterminate scale.

Chucco 1/43 1200 "Jeans" Orange

Chucco 1/43 1200 "Jeansbug 1982" 

Minichamps 1/18 1200 "Jeansbug 1982" 

Otto models 1/18 1200 Jeans 1974 (S716) 



The french advertisement (extracted of the Paris-Match magazine, 1973.)

Post cards:

The set of post cards. Jeans beetle is present

The olds posts cards in flea markets ! 

75 Jeans in Marbella, Spain.

Berlin 1975, and a Jeans beetle model year...1975 ! it must be new !

Middelkerque, in the seventy's... and a Phœnix red Jeans Beetle S716 edition.

A S761 Jeans at Lüneburg on this postcard send in 1977

VW postcards showing ads for Jeans 74 and 75. 

Articles of press

various articles of press (here Motorklassic)

Various objects:

The mousepad

The caricature ! this one has been doodled in a restaurant at the French VW National 2005, by Denis Guiton, a vw enthusiast. Thanks Denis !

The jigsaw Puzzle "Volkswagen Beetle" made by "wagen house". 500 pieces, measurements 52 x 38 cm. Made in Japan. It's a pretty Jeans 75 in a montainous environment. If you have this puzzle... I am purchaser !

Thong with the logo and the stripe of a Jeans beetle.

T-shirts, seen on Ebay

here is a keyring seen on Ebay

another keyring on Ebay. This one is in beautiful quality for a attractive price.

A Beautiful paper print ! Measurements: 420 x 297 mm.

Man about the house, the movie.
DVD ! Here is a british movie dating 1974 where a beautiful Jeans beetle appear in several sequences. The movie's title is "Man about the house". A very popular TV sitcom is inspired of his movie.


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